The Electric Power and Research Institute recently stated it’s concern that musculoskeletal injuries account for more than 40% of total medical costs for electric power companies. In a sample of four companies, there was a loss of more than 70 full-time-equivalent employees for one year due to these injuries. Utility workers perform a variety of strenuous tasks that can result in disorders such as low back pain, shoulder tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist and elbow injuries. The resulting medical claims can range from $6,000 to $600,000 per injury, with additional costs from lost productivity and retrofitting equipment. EPRI pointed to the importance of  reducing injuries through prevention  by targeting the inefficient design of tasks, tools, and equipment.

Utility workers work in the most varied of working environments – from the confined spaces of underground work to precarious overhead line work. A utility company’s ergonomics concerns are in underground work, overhead line maintenance, repair and refurbishing shops, fleet design and selection, control rooms, and customer service. Physically demanding jobs are found equally in gas, steam, and electric operations.

Contact Ergonomics Works if you have ergonomics issues with:

Overhead work from bucket trucks
Underground work such as splicing
Handling manhole covers
Maintenance and refurbishing shops
Gas operations
Steam operations
Vehicle fleet operations
Maintenance and repair
Shift work related health problems